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Why we need to use Millet?

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Mainly these grain cultivated by farmers as a berrylike and also in the present time they are cultivating these kinds of grain. But very trivial hereditary. According to the "Ayurveda" treatment give the value place for these kinds of grain. There are Millet, Paspalum, Proso Millet, and Kagi. It mean they always use to make their treatments using by these kinds of grain. according to paint out our science of Ayurveda treatments use these grain for the extinct the grains and some of protuberance.

These rough grains as 1 pointed above they take high quality from nutrition protein. Here are some examples: we can get energy to the body, we can keep healthy life, protein, vitamins and also minerals etc.. These variety of nutrients are contain in these grain. As well as these grains are good for the, who are suffering from diabetes and high blood presser. Specially antioxidant's and carotenodis were contained in these grain. So that are need to protect our body health.

We can prepare different lands of delicious with this Millet and Ragi. There by we can prepare delicious for the morning, afternoon, evening and also night. Example for Rices, Pittu, Hoppers, Rote and Bread. Not only that. we can make some Busicuts, Pastries and Buns.

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